About us

As experts we are trying to help those experts who are experiencing acute difficulties with 3D scanning. We are trying to achieve our promise, to be number one on the market by having a professional expertise.


We are happy when you turn to us with your request, that is the moment when you no longer need to solve any more issues and we take care of everything.


To have a complete control over an order from both sides. Therefore, we provide you with everything you need in one place and you can access any information through your account. Transparently and safely.


Our biggest promise in 3D scanning, where art makes the master. The speed at which we can provide you with our 3D scans will persuade you.



Filip Gergely

Should you need anything, email me at:
or call me on:
+421 911 401 037
I am here for you.

“We do not believe in anything like disorganised chaos. We always try to provide the highest standard in 3D scanning so that you can also see that job can always be done better and better.”


Vavrinec Dzurilla

Should you need anything, email me at:
or call me on:
+421 902 523 824
I am here for you.

“I have been in the industry for over 5 years. I always try to give my clients advice, even when it is not expected from me. I have a great experience in implementation of corrective measures, product analysis, or work with visual parts. I have worked with brands such as Volvo, Ford, Audi and more.”



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