Scanning with COMET L3D from CARL ZEISS

Extremely compact 3D scan comet l3D is has a high capacity, is economically effective and offers a revolutionary view of obtaining 3D data.


We are amazingly fast. Thanks to the extreme speed of 3D scanning, we can be more flexible and accurate with measurements. Sample manipulation is released during the measuring process thanks to a rotating table.


High-light capacity ensures excellent results of the 3D scan, even when the circumstances are not favourable. You can see defects of your products directly thanks to 3D visualisation. You will no longer need to spend time connecting results with measurement points.


I bring excellent quality of 3D scans and highly accurate results of 3D measurements. Ideal for ensuring quality in the automotive industry. Our scanner measures with the accuracy of 10µm.


3D scanner records the complete shape of the surface of the scanned material. This means that it uses a couple of thousands of measuring points, whilst CMM measuring can only record one point per touch.

The scanned material shows the real shape of your product unlike CAD model - a reference.

3D scan is am actual digital version of your product. This means that you can compare the results between actual and not actual production.

When scanning larger objects, the scanner moves around the product and therefore size cannot limit you.

When measuring objects made out of rubber, the measuring instrument will not deform the product.

You will use 3D scan:

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Dimensional measurement

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Quality control

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Digitising of already existing models

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Automotive industry

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Reverse engineering

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Design, film, or art

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Why choose 3D scanning from us?

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and on time

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